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The reason why I offer these individual diving tours is to give you the chance to experience all these different dive sites in a relatively short but relaxed time, to explore the islands around Bali and get the most out of it.
We will see big stuff like Manta rays, turtles, sharks etc. but also bizarre creatures like Rhinopias, Frogfishes and Seahorses.


the islands

Padang Bai
Padang Bai is an original small fishing village located in the east of Bali and has about 2,000 inhabitants. The surrounding dive sites are part of the most beautiful in Bali, including the Blue Lagoon, with its white sand beaches and calm waters, where a dive is planned. Underwater Padang Bai offers everything from large to small. A “peer dive“ is also planned, where lots of Muck dreams come true. Ashore there are mostly locally owned bars and restaurants and offer traditional food.


Lembongan Island offers some of the most spectacular dive sites in Bali. The waters are usually cold and from time to time current. The reason why is that the islands are surrounded by the Lombok Strait, which makes it simultaneously possible to meet many sharks, mackerels, stingrays, mantas, sunfish, tuna and other pelagic life. Visibility is excellent underwater. Lembongan is located in the southeast, about 12 km from Bali. There the local community is still very original and mostly lives of fishing, seaweed farming and keeping the old traditions. Nature on Lembongan and the surrounding islands of Cheningan and Penida is a class of its own. Mangroves, precipitous cliffs, breathtaking sunsets and spectacular views of Bali and the volcano. Since one year there is an ATM provided on Lembongan. (Most of the dive sites around Lembongan are more suitable for experienced divers.)


Gili Air
Gili Air is one of three islands off Lombok. There’s no cars or motorcycles. The only motors that can be heard are those of the boats. Means of transportation are bicycles, horse-drawn carriage or even on foot. You can comfortably walk around the island in an hour. There are very good restaurants in great locations with Western Cuisine, as well as local delicacies. In addition, there are several small bars, a lot of white sand and crystal clear water. The sunsets provide a stunning view of Bali. The Gili Islands are a paradise for sea turtles. A dive with five or more turtles is not uncommon. But also shark encounters, schooling fish and lots of hard coral. There are also lots of critters like seahorses, frogfishes and blue ringed octopus to find. A special feature is the Sunset Dive with mandarin fish, which are usually guaranteed a 100%.